Cinco de Mayo Inspiration

Are you ready for a fiesta?  Cinco de Mayo is Monday so we thought we’d share a few of our favorite Mexican food inspired dishes & drinks to get you ready to celebrate!
Corn & Avocado Dip | The Merrythought
Corn & Avocado Dip – this dip is one of our absolute favorites!  Although it’s best with fresh sweet corn, you can always substitute with cooked frozen corn during the off season!
6 Layer Taco Dip | The Merrythought
6 Layer Taco Dip – this appetizer is delicious and quick and easy to whip up!
Cornbread Pudding | The Merrythought
Cornbread Pudding – this cornbread pudding makes a great side dish to mexican meals!
The Merrythought | Huevos Rancheros
Huevos Rancheros – start the day out right with some Huevos Rancheros…or a quick dinner if you’re pressed for time!
Chicken Enchilada Soup - The Merrythought
Chicken Enchilada Soup – a yummy and quick soup to make!
Chicken + Cabbage Tacos with Cilantro Cream @themerrythought
Chicken & Cabbage Tacos with Cilantro Cream– one of my favorite recipes we’ve ever made!  I crave these tacos all the time!
Chicken & Cherry Tomato Tacos with Avocado Crema @themerrythought
Chicken & Cherry Tomato Tacos with Avocado Crema – in case you missed these yesterday, another amazing taco recipe to try out!

And here’s a few recipes that turn a regular dish into a Mexican inspired dish…
Southwestern Waffle @themerrythought
Southwestern Waffle – another good breakfast idea for Monday!  It was one of our favorites from the waffle topping ideas post.
Sombrero Perro @themerrythought
Sombrero Perro – a fun and yummy twist to spice up your hot dog!
12 Baked Potato Topping Ideas @themerrythought
Taco Tater – pile some delicious taco toppings on your baked potato!

And some tasty drinks to go along with your food…
Kiwi Lime Mojitos Mocktail @themerrythought
Kiwi Lime Mojitos Mocktail – a favorite drink of ours!
Spicy Cucumber Cooler @themerrythought
Spicy Cool Cucumber Mocktail – both spicy and refreshing at the same time…so good!
Horchata Recipe @themerrythought
Horchata – this cool and creamy drink is sweet & delicious!

And if you’re a local, a stop in at That Taco Place would be pretty yummy too…
That Taco Place @themerrythought

So are you planning anything fun for Monday? Any yummy recipes you’ll making?

Enjoy your weekend!


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