20 Activities to Survive the Winter Months

We live smack in the middle of the 3rd & 4th most snowy cities in the US so for people like myself who don’t love winter, it can be a hard place to live. Each year as the days start to get dark earlier and the chill starts creeping in, I try to make a game plan of how to survive the winter without getting crazy lazy or letting those depressed feelings settle in. It’s getting to the point in the season now where my mind is craving spring and a few days of sunshine and warmth so each snowy day is driving me insane. Since the snow has been coming down all morning here with more expected throughout the day, I figured it would be a perfect day to share a list of ideas I started working on last year to help me to get through (and possibly enjoy) winter. So here are 20 ideas that you can write on popsicle sticks, stick in a jar, and grab one out whenever the weight of the dark, cold winter season is a bit too heavy.

1. Clean and Organize – Tackle those projects that you always put off when it’s too nice outside to stay indoors. Work on a minimal wardrobe. Get your medicine cabinet organized. Organize your spices.

2. Host a Crafternoon – Get together with a group of friends, bring some snacks, and craft the afternoon away! Here are a few easy DIYs that you could try at your next crafternoon: Leather Keychains. Beeswax Candles. Marble Magnets. Leather Bookmarks. Wooden Bead Keychains.

3. Listen to a Podcast – Bundle up, pop a podcast in your ear and go for a walk. This is one of my favorite things to do!

4. Make a Crockpot Meal – Search your Pinterest boards with hundreds of recipes that you’ve never made and choose a cozy crockpot recipe to throw together and enjoy!

5. Get Yourself a Good Pair of Boots – This might not be a good one for everyone (I’m looking at you Southern California readers that are enjoying their sandals all year!) but if it’s snowy where you’re at, just bite the bullet and go invest in some nice boots. I’ve went through way too many winters trudging around in boots that don’t keep me warm at all and just end up discouraging me from ever getting outside aside from my walks to and from my car.
20 Activities to Survive the Winter Months @themerrythought6. DIY Facial Night – Grab some pals and have a pampering night using some homemade beauty recipes. You can even have each guest make some to take home with them! Try out some of these: Bath Salts. Facial Toner. Body Butter. Lip Balm.

7. Sledding and Soup Party – Grab some friends and head to the nearest hill. If you don’t have sleds grab some trays, air mattresses, garbage bags – whatever you can find and see who can go the fastest! Afterwards head over to someone’s house and enjoy some bowls of hot soup!

8. Write letters – Get yourself some pretty stationary, sit down, and spend some time writing to friends and family. Whether they’re across the world, across the country, or sitting across the living room from you — who doesn’t love a handwritten card?!

9. Take a class – Look around your area for classes to take. Yoga, ceramics, ASL, calligraphy, birdwatching – the options are endless!

10. Sunday dinner – Make some warm, comfort food, light some candles, and enjoy a slow meal around the table to give a good start to your week!
20 Activities to Survive the Winter Months @themerrythought11. Winter bonfires – I usually picture bonfires being in the middle of summer while wearing shorts and roasting marshmallows but we recently had a little fire out back while everything was covered in snow and I could definitely get into doing this regularly. Just another reason to get outside and enjoy fresh air while not totally freezing!

12. Cross-Country Ski or Snowshoe – Find a friend with some equipment you can borrow and try out these winter activities! Fresh air, maybe a few rays of sunshine, and some cardio – sure to lift your spirits!

13 . Plan your next adventure – Think about some places you would love to visit and spend the evening looking up flight options, places to stay, what time of year would be best to go, things to see while you’re there…. And hey, just go ahead and book the trip already! Having something to look forward to will help get you through the rest of the cold season!

14. Go eat at a favorite restaurant – If all else fails, food usually helps. Ha! Get yourself out of the house by treating yourself to a meal at your favorite restaurant.

15. Visit a local tourist attraction – Look up the most highly recommended things to do in your area for visitors and go somewhere or try out something you never have!
20 Activities to Survive the Winter Months @themerrythought16. Take a bath – Grab a bath bomb, stock your tub caddy with a good book, candle, and drink of choice, and take a nice long soak!

17. Make a Fort and Watch a Movie – This is great for all the little kiddos in your life but also for adults that are looking to be silly and cozy. Let’s just admit it – a giant pile of blankets and pillows on the floor with a little sheet tent over you is far more exciting than the normal Netflix and hoodie on the couch that the vast majority of people are doing every day.

18. Skype with far away friends – Lift your spirits by reconnecting with friends! If the snow has trapped you in for the evening, grab a blanket and your computer, and give a friend a call!

19. Host a game night – Invite a bunch of friends over and tell them to bring their favorite game!

20. Bake something – Spend the afternoon making fresh bread or your favorite cookie recipe! Your house will smell good, be a little warmer, and you’ll have some cozy snacks to end your day!

Now go enjoy winter!


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