DIY Leather Bookmark

I’m trying to read more books this year – replacing some Netflix watching with some cozy winter reading. This is pretty hard for me because I kind of hate reading. Ha! But I have so many books that I’m actually interested in that I just need to commit to it! I’ve been using receipts, unused tissues, and cough drop wrappers as bookmarks over the past few weeks so I decided to make myself a few fancy bookmarks to inspire myself to stick to my goal! So I grabbed some extra leather pieces and put together these little beauties.What you need:
Leather Punch
Rivets (or try these)
How to make it:
-Cut out the main part of the bookmark to desired size.
-Cut a small section of leather out for the top flap.
-Use the leather punch to punch out small holes on each end of the smaller piece and one hole centered on the top side of the large leather piece. (See photo above.)
-Fold small piece over the larger piece.
-Line up holes and put rivet in place.
-Hammer lightly to secure.
Off to go do some reading!


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