Spice Rack Organization with Printable

Michaels challenged us this month to work on an organization project and the first thing that popped into my head was the pile of unorganized, maybe-expired, many-duplicate spices that were in my cupboards. I’ve been trying to think of a way to display them out on my open shelving in a way that isn’t absolutely horrible to look at every time I pass through the kitchen. So I got to work and picked up a batch of jars and designed some simple labels so I could recycle all of those old bright-red spice jars. Ha! I found the glass tray with the black trim in the new spring plant section at Michaels and the jars fit inside perfectly so I grabbed it to turn it into a little shelf/display. I’m loving how all the pops of black are working in the kitchen too – before it was just light neutrals on the shelves but I’m really digging this look! We’re including our printable below if you want to use it to get your spices in order too!Spice Rack Organization with Printable @themerrythoughtWhat you need:
Glass Jars
Spice Jar Printable
Full Sheet Sticker Paper
Glass Tray to use as Spice Rack
Spice Jar Printable @themerrythoughtPrint labels on sticker paper. Cut out labels leaving a small ring of white around the edge. Peel off backing and secure to the side of the glass jar. Fill with coordinating spices and put them on display!
Spice Rack Organization with Printable @themerrythoughtSpice Rack Organization with Printable @themerrythoughtSpice Rack Organization with Printable @themerrythoughtSpice Rack Organization with Printable @themerrythoughtSo pop on over to Michaels to pick up everything you need to get organized for the new year!


On my shelves: White Vase. Black Frame. Equivalent Measurements Print. Brass and Marble Bar Tools. Black Measuring Spoons. Black Planter.

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