Minimal Bedroom

Minimal Bedroom @themerrythoughtFinally my bedroom is pretty much finished – is it ever really completely done though?? This room is the most calming space to come home to. I love it so much! It can be really difficult and frustrating living in an apartment and trying to create a space that you love without being to raise ceilings, rip out walls, redo floors… but splashing some white paint all over the walls and bringing the focus onto some simple DIY projects has turned this into a perfect little space for me. When I was looking through these photos, I couldn’t believe how many DIY projects brought this room together. It made me appreciate all the fun blog projects that have turned out great after having a few major fail projects this weekend. 😉Minimal Bedroom @themerrythoughtMinimal Bedroom @themerrythoughtMinimal Bedroom @themerrythoughtMinimal Bedroom @themerrythoughtMinimal Bedroom @themerrythoughtMinimal Bedroom @themerrythoughtHere are the DIY projects that make the room:
Plywood Print Headboard
Simple Bed Frame
Moon Phase Wall Mobile
Minimal Floor Mirror
Clay Circle Garland
Faux Fur Heart Pillow
Clay Ring Cones

Now onto the next room! What types of projects would you like to see us make?

xo. Caitlin

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