Clay Ring Cone

Clay Ring Cone @themerrythought I’ve seen a few jewelry makers that I follow on instagram displaying their rings on ring cones and I’ve been dying to make some for myself for a few months now. I had some leftover clay from the ornaments I made and I decided to put it to use!
Clay Ring Cone @themerrythoughtHow to make it:
Roll out some air dry clay on wax paper as if you’re making a snake (like you used to do with playdough as a kid) but apply more pressure on one side while rolling so it begins to come to a point. Stand it up and press the other end down to create a flat bottom. (You could also use a knife to cut it flat.) Continue to roll and  flatten until you have the shape you want. Let it dry according to directions.
Clay Ring Cone @themerrythought I’m in the process of doing some New Year cleaning/organizing/redecorating and these beauties have found a home on a shelf in my room and I’m just in love! Go make yourself a few!

xo. Caitlin

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