DIY Plywood Print Headboard

DIY Plywood Print Headboard @themerrythoughtI finally got around to painting my room and making a headboard to go with my new bed. Waking up in a clean, fresh space has been amazing. This headboard is super simple but it’s one of my favorite DIY’s. I took this picture up in the Adirondacks this fall and now I get to wake up and look at that gorgeous view every day. My next trip up there can’t come soon enough!

Blogger confessions: I was so excited to do this project that I went to Lowe’s to pick up the plywood (and a bunch of wood for other projects) and didn’t even think about how tiny my car is… I wheeled a huge cart a wood out to my car and stood and stared at my car for a few seconds and realized this probably wasn’t going to work. But, of course, I laid down seats, rolled down windows, opened the trunk and tried to find a way for everything to fit. Of course it was also the windiest day ever and at one point my plywood went flying across the parking lot. Then I sat in my car with huge pieces of plywood and boards hanging out of every door, and called back-up. Thankfully, I have like the sweetest cousin ever and she drove a van out to save me. I say it was totally worth the struggle and embarrassment in the end but passersby were definitely not impressed by me.
DIY Plywood Print Headboard @themerrythoughtWhat you need:
-Engineering Print
-Hot Glue Gun

How to make it:
Get your print done at Staples – I think mine was $5. Cut your plywood so that it is 5″ wider and taller than your print. I had them cut my plywood to size at Lowe’s so I wouldn’t have to do it at home – so make sure you know the measurements of your print before you pick up your plywood. Center your print on the plywood. Use your hot glue gun to trace a very thin line under each edge of your print. Now you can use ModPodge and a paint brush along the edges to seal the print in place. Let it dry and then you can screw it into the wall.
DIY Plywood Print Headboard @themerrythought DIY Plywood Print Headboard @themerrythoughtDIY Plywood Print Headboard @themerrythoughtWhat kind of picture would you choose to hang above your bed?

xo. Caitlin

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