Mini Waffle Bites

Mini Waffle Bites @themerrythoughtSome things I love: Waffles. Topping foods (we’ve done donuts, oatmeal, baked potatoes and hot dogs). Easy recipes. So these little waffle bites are really my thing. Plus with spring brunches & bridal/baby showers happening and Mother’s Day coming soon, we thought you could use some ideas for quick, yummy food to serve. We shared 10 Waffle Toppings a few years ago, so obviously we’re into fancy-ing up our waffles. These mini waffles seem a little more party friendly, bite-size food is always a good option to serve at gatherings. And it’s a nice way to give mom some variety Mother’s Day morning (basically, I just want a lot of delicious options come Mother’s Day 😉).
We have a video below for those that like to watch instead of read!Mini Waffle Bites @themerrythoughtMini Waffle Bites @themerrythoughtMini Waffle Bites @themerrythought | Blueberries & Cream WafflesBlueberries and Cream: Top toasted mini waffles with fresh whipped cream and blueberries, drizzle with maple syrup. Mini Waffle Bites @themerrythought | Peach & Yogurt WafflesYogurt and Peaches: Top toasted mini waffles with plain or vanilla yogurt and peach slices. Sprinkle with cinnamon, drizzle with maple syrup.Mini Waffle Bites @themerrythought | Strawberry & Nutella WafflesStrawberries and Nutella: Top toasted mini waffles with Nutella and sliced strawberries, drizzle with maple syrup.Mini Waffle Bites @themerrythought | Peanut Butter Banana WafflesPeanut Butter and Bananas: Top toasted mini waffles with peanut butter and sliced bananas, drizzle with maple syrup.
Mini Waffle Bites @themerrythought | Blackberries & Brie WafflesBlackberries and Brie: Top toasted mini waffles with a slice of brie cheese and blackberries, drizzle with maple syrup.Mini Waffle Bites @themerrythoughtSo what would you top your waffles with?


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