DIY Live Edge Wood Bed

Is there anything better than your own bed? I’m currently writing this on a plane while we travel out to Colorado to hang out with Caitlin and Zac for a week!! We’re so excited for this trip and I cannot wait to see those gorgeous mountain views, but I know I’m going to miss sleeping in my own bed (even if it’s still just a mattress on the floor!). Lincoln however, has this cozy bed to look forward to coming home to! We shared his bedroom makeover a couple months back and this was another one of the DIYs from his room. He’d also been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for months on end until we finally got around to tackling his room. Since Lincoln loves the outdoors and wanted a slightly rustic vibe to his room, I thought a live edge headboard would be perfect for the space. We paired it with a simple wood frame that brings a little bit more modern feel to it, so it’s not an all out cabin-style bed. We used live edge maple wood for his headboard, I love the lighter color and knew it would work well with the other wood we used throughout his room. Lincoln loved the way it turned out and is very happy to finally be off the floor! wood bed against blue wallwood headboard blue wallwood bed against blue wallMaterials:

– 2 -10’ 1×6 boards
– 3 – 10’ 1×5 boards
– 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood
– 3’ long piece of 2×4
– screws
– pocket hole jig
– pocket hole jig screws
– wood glue
– live edge wood for headboard (we used maple)
– 4’ 1 x 4 board
– circular saw
– speed square
– tablesaw
– compressor and nail gun
– clamp
– sand paper
– clear polyurethane finishdrilling piece of wood wood bed frame on ground and bed without mattressback of wood heabdboardDirections:

Cut a 45 degree angle on one end of both of your 1×6 boards using your circular saw and the speed square. Measure 76” from the tip of the angle and draw a line on the boards. Return the saw to a 90 degree angle and cut the boards to length. Set the boards aside.

From the remainder of one of the boards cut a 45 degree on one end. Measure 39” from the tip of the angle, make a mark, cut a 45 degree angle at this end so that you have a board measuring 39” with a 45 degree angle at each end.

Return the saw to 90 degrees, using the left over piece from the other board cut a piece 37-1/2” long.

Use a pocket hole jig to drill 4 pocket holes into the back of this piece at each end.

Lay out your pieces on a flat surface. Glue a mitre on one end of a long side and one end of the 39” piece. Using the nail gun, nail the pieces to hold the mitre together. Repeat with the other mitre joint.

Put wood glue on the ends of the 37-1/2” piece and place between the sides flush with the end. Use a clamp to secure it in place while you install the pocket screws. Allow the glue to dry.

Cut one of the 1×5 boards into one piece 74-1/2” long and one piece 36” long; repeat with another of the 1×5 boards. Cut the remaining 1×5 board into three 36” pieces. Make a frame (4-1/2” tall) using the 74-1/2” boards, with two of the 36” boards between them flush with the ends. Use screws to attach the boards. Layout and attach the other 3 pieces, evenly spaced within the frame, screwing them in place.

Place this frame inside of the bed frame keeping it flush with the bottom, screw in place.

On the table saw, cut 4 legs out of a 3’ piece of 2×4, make the legs 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” x 12-1/2” long. Glue and screw the legs to the inside corners of the bed frame keeping them flush with the top of the inner frame.

Cut a piece from the sheet of 1/2” plywood 74-1/4” long by 37-1/2” wide. Place this inside the frame and attach with screws to the inner frame.

Cut your live edge board that you will be using for a headboard to 39” long. Cut your 1×4 board into 2 pieces long enough to attach to the bed frame and to your headboard to support it; the length of this will vary according to the size of your board for your headboard.

Sand and apply finish.before and after of bedroomwood headboard against blue walllive edge wood bedboy sitting on bed readingFor another live edge project, you can check out the desk we made for the boy’s room. And for more headboard inspiration you can check out this DIY wood slate headboard, this DIY string headboard, and this DIY plywood print headboard.



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