DIY Wood Slat Headboard

My room has been mostly neglected since moving in here. I just threw a mattress on a bed frame and did no decorating or anything in there. It was basically just a tiny white room with a pile of white blankets. 😂 I had originally planned to make this headboard last year for my room in NY and just never got around to it but out here my painfully plain room was bumming me out so I just went for it! I love the warmth and texture it adds to the room and it’s so much cheaper than every other headboard that I looked at – plus I like the look of this one way better!
DIY Wood Slat Headboard @themerrythoughtWhat you need:
-Twelve 1″x2″x8′ furring strips (Go through and make sure they’re straight before buying! A lot of the ones in the store are crooked.)
-Miter saw (or most any saw would work honestly)
-Tape measure

Watch our video below for step by step instructions on how to put it together!

DIY Wood Slat Headboard @themerrythoughtDIY Wood Slat Headboard @themerrythoughtDIY Wood Slat Headboard @themerrythoughtDIY Wood Slat Headboard @themerrythoughtDIY Wood Slat Headboard @themerrythoughtSources: wool blanket, stool, brass stand, glass vase, sheets


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