DIY String Headboard

A few weeks ago we did a mini survey on IG Stories and one of the projects that was requested multiple times was headboard ideas. I had this project in the works for the past year – like I literally cut the boards for this a year ago and then had them sitting around waiting to be put together. Haha! I’m kind of glad though because I came up with another headboard idea that I like better for my bed anyways – that one will be coming soon too! So I just cut the boards down so they would fit a twin bed instead and put this together in case any of you are looking for a simple headboard! I think it would be super cute in a kid’s room customized with their favorite colors!DIY String Headboard @themerrythoughtWhat you need:
-1″x2″ wood
-Miter saw
-Embroidery needle

How to make it:
-Cut your boards – two pieces should be the width of your bed frame, and the other two pieces can be cut to however tall you want the headboard to go – mine was 24″ tall.
-On the two long pieces (the top and bottom of headboard) lay flat on the wide side and measure and mark every 1″ along the board. At each mark, measure to the center of the board (should be .75″.)
-Drill a hole through the board at each mark. (Just large enough for your embroidery needle & yarn to fit through)
-Measure and predrill two holes into both ends of both of the longer boards and two holes through each end the sides of the shorter boards.
-Sand down boards if necessary.
-Screw boards together.
-Use yarn and the embroidery needle to pull the yarn through the drilled holes. Make knots at the ends to keep them in place. If you want multiple strings to come from one spot, you may need to drill a larger hole in that spot.
-Tie off all ends and trim.
-You can either attach the headboard directly to the wall or attach it to your bed frame.
DIY String Headboard @themerrythoughtDIY String Headboard @themerrythoughtDIY String Headboard @themerrythought-Caitlin

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