DIY Dishwasher Panel – How to Put a Panel on Any Dishwasher

When designing our kitchen, I wanted to hide as many of our appliances as we could. We needed to replace our old dishwasher, so I started looking at panel ready dishwashers and couldn’t find any that fit within our budget. It doesn’t seem like something that should be out of reach for those that have a more limited budget for appliances. So my dream was to create a DIY dishwasher panel that would fit over a regular, cheap dishwasher. So that’s what we did!

This DIY dishwasher panel ended up being so much easier to do than I anticipated! You just need three supplies for this DIY – the panel, tape, and screws! You will need to have a top control dishwasher, meaning the controls are on the top of the door and not the front. It will also work best if your dishwasher does not have a vent on the front of the door (it should still work work if it does have a vent, you will just need to make sure the panel you are putting on has vents cut out in the same place). We were able to find our new dishwasher, with both those features for a few hundred dollars – much cheaper than the panel ready ones!

We made our wood panel, just like we made our cabinet doors. You can see how we did that here.

kitchen with beige cabinets and farmhouse apron sink with panel dishwasher in center of cabinets
diy dishwasher panel on dishwasher that's partially open
panel dishwasher with beige shaker style panel and brass handle


(This is the dishwasher we have for those wondering)


Watch the video below to see how easy it is to transform your dishwasher:

And here’s a before and after of our dishwasher:

before and after of dishwasher with integrated panel
integrated dishwasher with shaker style panel
white woman placing drinking glass in dishwasher

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  • Cabinet Paint Color – Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige
  • Wall & Trim Color – Sherwin Williams Alabaster

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