DIY Crate Shelf Statement Wall

This crate shelf statement wall was created in partnership with Rust-Oleum. All ideas, thoughts and opinions expressed are our own. Thanks for supporting the brands that keep us bringing fun, new content to you!

I have been loving all the statement walls I’ve been seeing around the internet lately! We did one in Lincoln’s bedroom a few months back and loved the way it transformed the space. I recently made some updates in my living room and had been struggling a little bit with what exactly I wanted to do with one wall space. I was contemplating maybe built-ins or a faux fireplace mantle, but couldn’t quite make up my mind.

When Rust-Oleum asked if we’d like to work together on this project, I knew it was perfect for this space. The crate shelf statement wall would be the dramatic visual statement that I was looking for. It would also be easier and not as permanent as built-ins would have been.

We love how easy it is to transform furniture and spaces with just a little bit of paint! (Be sure to scroll to the photos below to see the before & after!)
black wood crate shelf wall

For our crates, we used Rust-Oleum Chalked Ultra Matte Paint – it creates a great matte finish, which we love, and is one coat coverage on many surfaces. Since we had a bigger space to fill and therefore a lot of crates to paint, we didn’t want to be spending a lot of time painting coat after coat.

The paint comes in both quarts and spray paint, so you can choose whichever painting method you prefer. We actually ended up doing a combination of both – we rolled the paint on the flat surfaces and sprayed the corners. Then we gave the crates a quick coat of the protective topcoat, which also comes in matte, and adds protection and durability, while also enhancing the color.

We love how these crates turned out! The dark color adds nice contrast and the pattern of the crates gives great visual wood crate shelf wall black wood crate shelf wall black wood crate shelf wall black wood crate shelf wall black wood crate shelf wall

Supplies for crate shelf statement wall:

Watch the video below to see how to create a crate shelf statement wall:

painting wood cratespray paint can painting wood cratespray paint can painting wood crateblack wood crate shelf wall

And because these are always fun, here’s a couple before & after pictures:before and after of wood crate shelf wallbefore and after wood crate shelf wallblack wood crate shelf wall So what do you think of statement walls, are you a fan? And what are some of your favorite paint projects? You can see some of our older paint transformation projects here: Door Knob Update | Patio Chair Makeover | Light Fixture Makeover.

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