Challenge Check In

Well I made it through the month! As I’ve mentioned each week with my check in’s, this month was a bit of a struggle for me. I struggled to stay motivated with my eating, so each week that I continued to lose, even if it was only a little bit, felt like a victory to me. I lost a total of 6 pounds in April. And so far this year, I’ve lost 15! 🙌

Here’s how my week went:

Weight Loss: 2 pounds 💃

Eating: pretty good, probably my best week of the whole month! Nothing like going out strong! I did cheat a couple times (again 😳) on my no refined sugar. I had another chai latte – we had a meeting at a cafe though!! And I went to a bridal shower on Saturday and ate a bit of dessert. However, I was pretty good with everything else, so I think that helped with my weight loss this past week.

Active: another good week with this. Staying pretty steady with my running and keeping active!

Arm Workouts: another fail here. Only once, yet again. I guess maybe deep down I like my flabby arms and want to keep them – haa! Not really, I’m still determined to try to figure out how to make this a regular part of my workout routine, I’ll get it, I’ll get it! Staying positive about it is half the battle, right?!

So I decided I wasn’t going to try Whole 7, just continue on with what I’ve been doing (low carb, low sugar, lots of veggies, lean protein & some fruit). I have a doctor’s appointment next week and I’m trying to impress them with my weight loss since my appointment last year, so I’m hoping that motivates me to stay strong! 😉 I’m hoping I can find little things like that to keep me motivated, those kind of things seem to work the best for me when I just want to give in! These check in’s have always been my biggest motivator, so thanks for reading along and encouraging me! I’ll probably start these up again soon since it seems to be what works best! 😉

For those of you still at it with eating healthy and staying fit – keep up the amazing work, I know how hard it is!


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