Check In’s…Back Again

Back in January, I shared some tips for losing weight & getting fit along with a challenge for myself (and anyone else wanting to join in) to eat better and stay active all month long. I checked in weekly here on the blog to share how it was going and to help stay accountable, as well as encourage anyone that was also trying to get healthier. Overall, I felt like I had a great month (you can read my final check in here) and I really think a lot of that success was due to my weekly check in’s here on the blog. Which brings me to today’s post and bringing back the check in’s again for the month of April…
Throughout February & March, I kept off the weight I had lost, and did pretty good with staying active (still running 🙌). However, I haven’t been doing too well with my eating. 😁 And I still do have a little bit of weight I’d like to lose, along with getting motivated again to have myself, and my family, eating better. I’m once again doing a no-sugar month – my niece challenged me to join her along with a few others, so I’m back at it! I thought I’d start back again with my weekly check-in’s throughout this month, to help hold me accountable and stay motivated.

Here’s what I’ll be aiming for each week:

  • keep running, I do this about 5 times a week now (and again, I might have to change up to some other activity/exercise depending on the weather, because sadly we are still getting snow here!)
  • arm workouts, 3 times a week. Yikes, I can’t believe I’m throwing this in here. It’s something I keep wanting to do though and haven’t yet, so I’ll see if this gives me the kick in the butt I need to make this really happen! I just decided while I was typing this post out to throw this in, so I’m not even sure what exactly I’ll be doing for this. If ya have any suggestions – I’d love to hear them! 💪
  • no refined sugar – I do eat natural sugar (fruit, honey, maple syrup, etc.). I will admit I’m already planning on cheating though. The boys’ doctor is next to one of my favorite donut shops, and I rarely go there; and of course, it just so happens that Malacai has an appointment this month (in a couple days actually). The last time we were there was during no-sugar January, and I stayed strong and didn’t eat a single bite. So I’ve been looking forward to this appointment for quite some time, and committed to no-sugar April knowing I would be taking this cheat day.
  • low carb/low greasy food – because this makes my body feel better and helps with weight loss

So that’s the plan! Anyone want to join in? Bathing suit season is a comin’! 😉 Well, maybe…this snow & freezing cold weather has me thinking it might never happen around here. And April is only 30 days – with no holidays, if that’s any incentive for you! 😉

Here’s to hopefully another successful month! Now I’m off to munch those almonds…


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