Challenge Check In

Still trudging along here! I felt like this past week was a little better/easier for me, but I’m definitely still not feeling as motivated as January. I wasn’t even sure I’d have a weight loss when I went to weigh in this morning, but I did, so I’m feeling good about that! And now I’m in the final week – crazy! My niece is trying to convince me to do Whole 30 with her – at least for a week. Whole 7? Haa – I haven’t decided yet. I still want to keeping losing weight & continue on my healthier eating, but May & June are so crazy for me with my work schedule that I’m nervous to add one more thing to think about/try and do. But, I’m worried if I don’t have a “plan”, I’ll start eating horrible again. Soo, I’m thinking about it, but not sure. (The thought of doing no dairy seems sob-worthy to me – that might be the deal breaker!)

Here’s how my week went:

Weight Loss: 1 pound

Eating: some good, some not so good. I did have a quarter of a maple cinnamon roll that my aunt made. I couldn’t pass it up. And I drank some (delicious) chocolate milk – yikes! So a couple little strays this past week, but I’m resisting all my late night cookie & ice cream cravings, so I’d say staying strong there! Ha! 😉

Active: had another good week with this! I threw an 8 mile bike ride into the mix this past week! I think as the weather warms up, I may end up biking more than running since I die running when it’s warm out. Biking is a little better because of the constant wind. Plus, Mike is a biker and I want to get better (faster) so that I can bike with him! He’s telling me I’m going to have to trade in my trusty 20 year old mountain bike for a road bike if that’s going to happen 😳!

Arm Workout: confession – I just did one workout right before having to write this post just so I could say I did at least one! Haa! So, obviously I’m still struggling hard with this one, and I’m not even sure why! It’s so much less time than my runs, but I just can’t seem to get into a good routine with it.

How about you? Still working on eating better & exercising more this month? Thanks for reading along & encouraging me in these check in’s, it’s keeping me going! (And keeping at least one arm workout happening – 😂) Here’s to a great last week!!

– Manda

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