Challenge Check In

Guys, this month has been so much harder for me than doing this in January! I’m not sure if it’s because things have been pretty chaotic & busy this month, and I’m feeling a bit more stressed, or if it’s just not as exciting the second time around – haa! Whatever the case, I am struggling! And honestly I think I would have just given up by now because I’ve been so unmotivated – but these weekly check-ins here on the blog are keeping me holding on! So for those reading these posts – thanks for keeping me accountable and encouraging me!!

Here’s how my week went:

Weight Loss: 1 pound

Eating: sooo not good. I feel like I’m hungry all the time and when I’m stressed and grumpy, the last thing I want to do is think too much about what I’m eating. So I’m not making the best food choices. Not good, I know. I have done okay with no sugar – I must fess up and confess I did cheat this past week, and it wasn’t a pre-planned one 😣. I had a chai latte one night, yikes – sorry!

Active: this is actually going well for me. Thankfully, I’ve tried to view running as my time – it’s a stress reliever, some time when I don’t have to be worrying about getting things done, so I do pretty well keeping it in my schedule. And the weather is finally, finally getting nice around here, so that’s helpful. (Although, I’ll be honest, running in anything above 40º makes me feel too warm! I just hate running in snow & wind – the cold, perfectly fine for running to me!)

Arm Work Out: ughhh, still doing terrible with this! Again, just once this past week! Yikes, why can’t I get motivated for this?! I did add another “set” to my routine though, so I feel like there was a smidge of improvement.

How’s anyone else doing?? Staying motivated & strong? Anyone else struggling with eating well like me?? Here’s to keeping with it, even when we don’t feel like it! 💪


The Start | Week 1

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