DIY Ring Display

DIY Ring Display @themerrythoughtIf you’ve seen me in the past year, you’ve probably noticed that I always have a stack of rings on my fingers. Every night I take them off and just set them haphazardly onto my dresser because all of my ring cones are full already. (Even after making myself a few more REAL ceramic ones during my ceramic class this year… and yes, I’m all heart eyes over them!) And I, of course, manage to lose a few rings under the dresser every few days. So I’ve been trying to come up with a simple tray or display for my rings at the end of each day and I ended up making a few of these basic wooden displays!

(Update: for those that have asked, these are now available in our shop for purchase! You can find them here!)DIY Ring Display @themerrythoughtWhat you need:
Pine Board
Table Saw

How to make it:
-Measure and cut wood to desired size – As shown below, I tried out a few different sizes and couldn’t decide which one I liked best!
-Set the table saw blade to 30 degrees and lower the blade so that it is only cutting through half of the thickness of your board. **Make sure you don’t cut through your entire board/into your hand… 😉
-Measure and mark how far apart you want the slots for your rings along the side of the board, flip board so the top is facing down and then cut at each line.

DONE! If you’re at all comfortable with a table saw  (Who is?! I shared all my table saw fears on Snapchat the other day. Haha!) this will take under five minutes!
(Update: for those that have asked, these are now available in our shop for purchase! You can find them here!)
DIY Ring Display @themerrythoughtDIY Ring Display @themerrythoughtxo. Caitlin


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