Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

They say stick to what you know and love. Good coffee and pretty accessories for your coffee, those are things I know and love. So I’m sharing this gift guide to bring you the best gifts for coffee lovers! You’re also getting a little sneak peek inside one of my favorite cabinets in the new kitchen in the photo above! I take my coffee drinking seriously; and designed this spot just so we would have a pretty, and functional, place for our coffee making supplies.

Over the years, I’ve used and collected a bunch of different coffee related items and decided to share some of my favorites. Mike’s been roasting our coffee beans for years now and it’s turned me into quite the coffee snob, haa! We prefer to make our coffee using the pour-over method, but to each their own, so I included a variety of coffee makers and accessories. There’s also things on the list that while I don’t own, I think are nice (like pretty drip coffee makers for those that prefer making their coffee that way).

We’ve shared lots of coffee related DIYs (and recipes) over the last 8 plus years of blogging. So if you’re feeling crafty, some of my favorites are:

Happy shopping for the coffee lovers in your life!


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