Simple Bathroom Makeover – Renter Friendly

After 5 years of having our simple little white bathroom, I felt like it was time for a change. Since this could be our last year living together as a house of three ladies, I decided to go a little girly with it! The walls in our bathroom are made from some type of weird fiberboard that is basically cardboard. So there’s only so much I can do without completely ripping out all of these walls – which I’m not about to do. The bottom portion was made to look like tiles and I decided to play on that style and go with Sherwin Williams Redend Point – a brownish/pink tone for the lower “tile” half of the bathroom to give it some retro vibes.

I switched out the towel ring and light to bring some warmth and more natural elements to the room. I also used a beige paint wash on the shelves above the toilet because they had turned very orangey over time because I left them unfinished. But the biggest change was definitely adding doors to cover up the chaos of our open shelves. The combination of a tiny bathroom and three women really makes for some cluttered shelves haha. It feel so much nicer to not see all the stuff!

You can follow along with the whole transformation in the video below! And keep scrolling for all the before and after goodness!

wall shelves behind toilet styled with neutral decor

brown pink cabinet doors in white bathroom
brown pink cabinets next to white shower curtain in small bathroom
wooden towel ring against brown pink wall next to white pedestal sink
white pedestal sink beneath large mirrored medicine cabinet
before and after photos of small bathroom
side by side before and after of shelved behind toilet
before and after photos of open shelving
before and after photos of new towel ring next to sink

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