Our Bedroom

I’m excited to finally be sharing a first glimpse of our bedroom! It’s been three + years in the making! This was the last part of our big renovation to finish up. (You can see all the reno details in our stories on Instagram, and there’s also a bunch of footage in this video we shared).

We knew from the beginning the second story would be a bit longer to finish up. Our goal was to have it done at about the same time as the kitchen, but no finish details until much later. (Ended up being even longer since we had to take a six month break during the renovation, for Mike’s shoulder surgery). We moved into the room last October, but it took me a while to get the final touches down. And of course, it’s not fully done – we don’t even have closet doors yet! But it’s done enough to share. And in full disclosure, I even shared a photo of the door-less closet, in all it’s messiness, yikes!

I shared a quick video tour of this room over on YouTube, so you can check that out here:

The Details:

This room is above our kitchen (and the mudroom too). Originally, we had a crawl space attic above our kitchen (and nothing over the mudroom). When going over renovation ideas, my brother-in-law said why not add a second story above the kitchen. And so we did!

It added an extra two rooms to our house. This bedroom, which also has a small bathroom attached. That’s not finished yet, but you can see a glimpse of it in a photo below. It’s lovely, just no shower yet! And I’m so pumped to have my own bathroom again. (When we moved our bedroom upstairs years ago, we gave up having our own bathroom).

The other new room up here is currently being called my “office”. But it’s not being used for that yet, and is just a catch all room at the moment (aka, it’s a mess). We could have opted to do one large master bedroom up here, with a large bathroom and large closets. But I thought we would get more use out of two rooms, rather than one giant room. We don’t hang out in our room much, so I didn’t see the point in wasting all the space. And I’m definitely okay with small bathrooms – less to clean, haha!

master bedroom with limewash walls and wood spindle bed with lots of pillows and blankets on it

We’re still using the same bed Mike made a few years back. He also made the nightstands years and years ago. We used them in our old room, and then had them in storage (aka the basement) for the last 10 years or so.

wood spindle bed with lots of pillows and quilts on bed and painting hanging above bed

Our walls are a faux limewash we did. We’ll be sharing details on that soon! I love the look so much. People have asked if the walls were finished and staying like this though – haha!

master bedroom with a peek into the master bathroom

Here’s the sneak peek of the bathroom! This might be one of my favorite photos in the post, I love the bathroom so much. And can you believe I took a risk and went with a dark color and not white?! Haha!

Also, can’t get over how good the floor turned out. We’ll be sharing the details on how we did it soon.

master bedroom with beige limewash walls and wood night stands with quilt on bed
master bedroom with tan limewash walls with black chandlier hanging from vaulted ceiling and old wood

I love our bathroom door. It’s an old door that was in our kitchen, going into the pantry. Mike sanded it down and made it into a pocket door. The chandelier is also the old one from our kitchen. The vaulted ceilings in our bedroom make the room feel so much bigger, I’m really glad we did that.

antique wood dresser with pictures and wood duck on it

The old dresser, or chifforobe, we bought off Craigslist and refinished. There’s a highlight in IG stories about that process and a before photo of it here.

wood spindle bed with antique painting hanging above it
antique dresser sitting under a large window with mirror next to dresser

The dresser Mike found on the side of the road, for free! Yes, he always finds the best things.

clothes closet with wood shelves and no doors on closet

And the door-less closet, yikes! The top section is going to have a wall unit heater/ac in it. For now it just holds random things like sleeping bags. We have our plans for the doors all drawn up, now it’s just finding the time to tackle that project!

And that’s where our bedroom is at right now! Below is a bunch of links for what I could find to link to (we have a lot of thrifted/antique things and handmade) if you’re looking for those.


Let me know if there’s something else you’re looking for a link for/have a question about!


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