ORC Week 6 – Bedroom Makeover

Only a few hours to spare and I’m DONE with the One Room Challenge! My brother is excited to finally have his space back together and not just be an ongoing construction zone. Oops.. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I did most of the projects I wanted to do… there was a couple that I ended up changing my mind on and a couple I just didn’t have the time. Check out the finished room and some before and afters below!

Here’s the list of projects I wanted to do when I started this 7 weeks ago!


  • Patch walls – Did it!
  • Paint walls – Did it! They were a light yellow before but it just looked like it was white walls that were very dirty. Paint made a HUGE difference.
  • Clean carpet – The carpet didn’t end up being as bad as I thought so I didn’t bother renting a carpet cleaner.
  • Paint feature wall – Done! Used Cinnamon Spice by PPG and love it! My brother chose it – he said it reminds him of Utah.
  • Partial slat wall – Finally done! (Yesterday haha) I finally found wood that would work after looking for weeks. 😅
  • Platform bed frame – Done! Check out the tutorial here!
  • Desk – This was a project my brother started last year and still can’t decide on what legs he wants for the top he made. Eventually it will go in front of the slat wall.
  • Shelf – Made a simple one for above the bed.
  • Wrapped bench – I thought there was more room at the end of the bed for a bench but it would have been too tight so I didn’t make it. I did use this old bench for plants though!
  • TV console – Made it! I will be sharing the tutorial in January probably – we’ve got a lot of holiday content to share before then!
  • TV frame – My brother wasn’t sold on the idea so I ditched it.
  • Window cushions – Didn’t want to invest the money into the cushions… or the time into the sewing.
  • Wall artDid it!
modern white bedroom with terracotta feature wall
tv console and gallery wall
slat wall with terracotta wall
side shot of modern bed with white bedding
side by side before and after of bedroom makeover
side by side before and after of bedroom makeover
side by side before and after of bedroom makeover
side by side before and after of bedroom makeover
one room challenge logo

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