Simple Fall Home Decor

Last week I shared my fall porch setup and how I felt like I was struggling to pull off fall decor around my house. During that project, I had bounced inside to try some things in the living room to see if that maybe flowed a little better. It did not. I think my biggest struggle with fall decor is that it’s not something I usually attempt. Other than pumpkins scattered on my steps, I’ve never really done too much for fall, Halloween or Thanksgiving. I think another part of my struggle was thinking if I kept it too simple, it wouldn’t look like enough, and when I tried to do more, it felt like too much to me (the stairs and the black crate shelves were those areas to me). Part of me is glad I did attempt it though, as I think it’s fun to try to stretch yourself in areas that don’t always feel like you, to push yourself creatively. And part of me just wishes I had tried out another recipe or DIY project – haa! I think the tips I shared in my fall porch decor post hold true for indoors as well, but I’ll also add that I think it’s good to remember to push yourself a little out of your comfort zone, especially if you feel like you’re in a creative rut. And to share those moments, being a little more vulnerable now & then can be good for us all, even if it’s about smaller, superficial things like “hey, I struggle with getting my house “just right” too!”. round coffee table with pumpkins books and eucalyptusstairs in house with pumpkins on themblack crate shelves stacked on wall with decor items on thembrown leather couch with stump side table with pumpkinswall shelves styled with plants pictures and pumpkinsblack crate shelves with chair and light



DIYs: Crate Shelf Wall, Wood Shelf Brackets and Coffee Table.

Leather Couch | Gray Sectional | White Rug | Black Floor Lamp

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