Fall Porch Decor

Sometimes I think of ideas for projects and in my head they seem like a fantastic idea. And then when I go to pull them off, ehh, maybe not so much. Sometimes it’s the project, sometimes it’s just me. The past couple weeks have kind of felt like that. I’m a little all over the place, and what I’ve tried hasn’t quite clicked for me. I thought maybe working on some simple fall decor around the house would help break me out of my rut, but even that ended up feeling off – ha! After having some fun last year decorating my patio steps for fall, I thought it would be fun to do my front porch this year. It seemed a little more challenging because our porch has not been “done” yet. The house and door got a fresh coat of paint, and we updated the light fixture, but everything else is in need of a renovation (I mean we have carpeting on our porch floor…that might just be older than I am!! 🙈). But I thought the challenge of trying to make a “not perfect” space ready for the fall holidays seemed like a fun idea. And I’m glad I did it, mostly because our porch needed a good clean up and this forced me to do that, haa! But I just kept rearranging and rearranging with nothing quite feeling like it fit, or what I was hoping to see. Midway through I even jumped over to decorating the living room to see if that would flow a little better for me and ended up feeling exactly the same there. I finally decided enough was enough, with both projects, and just went with it. So today, I’m sharing my not so perfect fall front porch. With these tips for decorating:

1. Make it versatile. I wanted my decor to be able to work for fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Pumpkins mixed with plants are always a win in my book.

2. If you have a not so great floor, cover it with rugs! I updated our old grungy door mat with this rug, and it made a huge difference just doing that. I also added an area rug to help cover up more of the carpet (mine is an old vintage one that’s a little rough around the edges, but it’s why I’m willing to use it on our porch).

3. Keep it simple. I may have a lot of pumpkins, but the neutral colors help keep things calm and simple. Pick just one theme or color palette to go with, instead of mashing up a bunch of different things.

4. “Shop” your own home. Other than buying pumpkins and a new rug for in front of the door, everything else I had around the house and just used that.

5. Don’t take it too seriously. 😉 Just like life, your home and your decor will not always be picture perfect. And that’s okay – embrace it and know that it’s normal. And you’re normal. white and blue pumpkins with fernporch with vintage rug round table and pumpkinspumpkins and rosemary on tablewhite blue and orange pumpkins with fernporch steps with pumpkins and plantsStayed tuned to see my attempt at fall living room decor next week! 😳😆


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