How to Make Heart Treat Bags

Last fall I made paper ghost treat bags. They were an easy, fun craft to make. So of course I had to try out a version for Valentine’s Day! These DIY paper heart treat bags are a simple, quick craft to make that everyone will love to get! 

These would be super cute to make for class Valentines too! You can write names on them. (There’s one like that below, and in the video). I would recommend buying a slightly bigger bag than I have shown here. (This size was a tight fit to try and get Reese’s hearts in. And you’d definitely want to use packaged candy for that). There’s quite a few different size bags – and colors too! Scroll down for the link for those.

pink paper heart treat bag with smiley face on it
pink paper heart treat bag that says hugs on it sitting on more heart treat bags
paper heart treat bags, pink white and dark pink with gummy candies around bags



Watch the video or see the steps below.

  • Cut the top and bottom off the bag, then cut down one side of the bag.
  • Draw a heart shape. (Or trace it). You just want to be sure it’s big enough to stick your treat or candy in. 
  • Draw a face or write message or name on the heart. 
  • Open the bag up, and use a glue stick to glue along the heart shape. 
  • Place your candy in the middle of the heart, making sure it’s not touching the glue. 
  • Then flip over the back side of the bag and press the front and back of the bag together to seal in the treat. 
  • Once the glue is dry, cut around the heart. 
white heart with the name levi on sitting on a pile of heart valentines with candy around them
paper heart bag with smiley face on it with the side ripped off with m&m's coming out of it

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