DIY Egg Shell Candles

Easter is just a few days away now so if you have some egg casseroles to make for brunch or if you just like to start your day off with eggs – I’ve got the perfect use for those leftover shells! These DIY egg shell candles will make the perfect table centerpiece or Easter gifts for friends. I have barely ever make candles because I have some weird idea that they’re too intense to make but this was the most simple project – and now I’ve got more candles projects planned out!

If candles aren’t your style, don’t worry – we’ve made a bunch of other crafts using egg shells! Try out our place card holders, macrame wheat grass eggs, or our egg scavenger hunt.

close up of egg candle with wick burning set on top of moss in egg carton

Materials needed for DIY Egg Shell Candles:

Follow along with the video below for the step-by-step instructions!

close up of egg candles in egg carton
overhead shot of halved eggs turned into candles and set inside egg carton
close of of diy egg shell candles on moss

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