Macrame Wheat Grass Eggs

Macrame Wheat Grass Egg @themerrythought I loved this tutorial from last year on making a macrame succulent garden using egg shells. I thought making a more basic version of that would be a great way to bring some springy, Easter charm into my apartment that also works with my current decor. Finding holiday decor that blends with my style at home is always a struggle so these natural, basic DIY projects always win me over!
MacrameEgg2 MacrameEgg3 What you need:
-Wheat Grass Seeds
-Jute or String

How to make it:
-Soak your seeds in water for 8-12 hours. Drain the water and put the seeds in a bowl with plastic wrap over it. Put the bowl next to a south-facing window and rinse the seeds three times a day until they have sprouted. Break the tops off your eggs, remove yolk and rinse thoroughly. Fill the eggs about 3/4 full of soil and sprinkle the sprouts over the top of the soil. Be sure that the soil stays moist and your wheat grass should be a few inches tall in 4-7 days.
-To create the macrame holder, cut two equal length strings and tie a loop in the middle. Now separate the four strings hanging down into sets of twos and tie a knot in each side. Then take a string from each of the knotted sets and tie a knot with them about 1″ down from the first knots. and repeat with the other two strings. Now tie all four pieces of string together at the bottom and make sure your egg fits down in. You may have to adjust your knots a bit if it didn’t work out perfectly the first time. You should be able to just loosen them and slide them up or down a bit.
Macrame Wheat Grass Egg @themerrythoughtMacrame Wheat Grass Egg @themerrythoughtxo. Caitlin

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