Simple Living Room Christmas Decor

Do you feel like you’re ever really done decorating?? I wanted to share a few photos of some of the simple living room Christmas decor I had up, but then felt like things weren’t quite done. I feel like I spend most of the season doing small tweaks and rearranging, so I realized it might never be “done”, and I needed to just get over it and get on with it! 😆So here’s a glimpse of some simple Christmas decor, mostly from the living room, as that’s the room I most enjoy decorating!

christmas tree in basket with wreath on white wall

I’ve been wanting a bench by our stairs for a while, so Mike recently built this one for me (we’ll share the DIY for it after the holidays!). Putting in the bench meant needing to move the shelves that have been here for years. I might put them back up again after the holidays, just a little higher, so it fits better; or keep it simple like this and keep them down. I haven’t fully decided on that yet. Of course I couldn’t resist adding one of our favorite Christmas decor traditions – the small tree in a basket! You can see our original here. And I recently found this faux wreath at Target and love it – it’s simple and pretty decent for being fake (someone even thought I made it from real branches!).

simple wood mantle with greenery and orange garland and brass candlesticks

It’s been so fun to have a mantel to decorate this year! The majority of my Christmas decor tends to stay the same, fresh greenery and dried orange garlands – can’t go wrong with that. I love that it’s simple and natural and doesn’t overwhelm the space. A little bit even found it’s way into the bathroom this year – ha! You can find our tutorial for the dried oranges here. The print on our mantel can be found here.

simple white bathroom with greenery on wood round mirror
branch on wall with grey stockings hanging from it

Even though I finally have a mantel in my living room, I still couldn’t pass up one of my favorite Christmas decor pieces – the stockings hanging from a branch! I just love the look, even more so than the stockings on the mantel (these stockings kind of overwhelmed my mantel, maybe one year I’ll find smaller ones to hang on the mantel). You can see the tutorial for how we did ours here, and a video here.

greenery and orange garland on stair railing with bench and christmas tree by it
side table with small tree on it and black lamp by leather couch with white blanket
antique secretary desk with envelope advent calendar hanging above it
fireplace with wood mantle with greenery, brass candlesticks and orange garland on it
table styled with greenery, wood christmas trees, and candle with stockings on wall behind it
dark room with christmas tree with lights and fireplace next to it

And yes, I do also love white twinkle lights and have those – they just don’t photograph that well, so here’s a darker, cozy shot to show the tree lights! ☺️Hope you enjoyed a peek of some of our simple Christmas decor!



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