A Few Things: Fern Trend

Fern Trend @themerrythoughtFern Temporary Tattoo by Victoria’s Aviary. (I’m dying to go get another tattoo… maybe this will hold me over for a few more weeks.)
Fern Oil Painting by Elizabeth Mayville.
Fern Trend @themerrythoughtOrganic Vase by Center Ceramics. (Okay, you caught me… there is no fern on the actual product, but the vase is too adorable and there is still a fern in the photo.)
Wild Fern Hand-painted Clutch by Kertis. (Check out this shop. Seriously.)
Fern Trend @themerrythoughtHand-painted Fern Linen Throw by Umret Pahn.
Fern Etched Copper Cuff by Jude McConkey
Fern Trend @themerrythoughtCalligraphy and Watercolor Fern Notepad by Keen Bee Designs
Fern Lace Ring by Ardent1 (I’ll take a 7.5, thanks!)

We’re smitten with ferns and love seeing all the gorgeous fern prints, patterns, and DIY’s popping up!  We’ve shared a couple fern DIY’s already (Scarf & Foliage Wall) and we’re excited for a few more that we’ll be sharing over the next couple of weeks!  Any trends you’ve been crushing on lately?

Enjoy the weekend!

xo. Caitlin

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