Gathered: Foliage Wall

Foliage Wall @themerrythoughtI’ve had all kinds of flower/foliage faux wallpaper and wall decor pinned for the past year or so and have been taking my sweet time putting together one of my own. I finally got around to doing a fresh floral wall for a baby shower last month and I realized… it takes no time at all! And then I became obsessed. I want every wall in my apartment to be covered in flowers and leaves and anything I can steal from the woods.

Lots of bright colors isn’t usually my style and my allergies are terrible, so I decided to skip the flowers this time and took Levi out to gather up some green loveliness to display. A few pieces of tape and a couple minutes later, we had put together this sweet little wall display.
Foliage Wall @themerrythought Foliage Wall @themerrythought Foliage Wall @themerrythoughtSo… is it okay if I cover every wall in my apartment with leaves?

xo. Caitlin

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