Thanksgiving Bread Loaf Place Cards

I think it’s fair to say that 2020 was the year of banana bread. I’m probably one of millions of people that made banana bread for the first time ever this year. And I’d say it’s one of the better things that 2020 has brought us! So to honor banana bread’s amazing contribution to the train wreck that 2020 has been, I decided to make mini loaves and turn them into place cards for Thanksgiving! I had this idea a few years ago to make regular bread and use it like this but I feel like banana bread was the best option for this year. Plus regular bread loaves seem way more temperamental than banana bread. 😂

overhead shot of thanksgiving table setting

What you need:

Cut strips of kraft paper just long enough to wrap around the mini loaves. Write the names of each of your guests. Wrap around the loaf and tape in place. Add a bit of bakers twine and stick in some rosemary!

mini banana bread loaf place cards
mini banana bread loaf on cream plates
mini banana bread loaf on cream plates

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