Roasted Cinnamon and Honey Pear Chips

Roasted Cinnamon & Honey Pear Chips @themerrythought
Growing up, a favorite treat that my Gramma always made for her grandkids were dried apple chips. Those and jars & jars of applesauce – which was no small feat considering she had over 30 grandkids, plus the great-grands that started coming along, and she made jars for all (spouses too!), well into her 90’s! My Gram was pretty amazing & inspiring – and dearly missed, I’m fighting back the tears just typing this up.
When I was thinking about some new fall recipes I wanted to try, I thought pear chips would be a fun, healthy treat for the boys, and myself, to enjoy. And munching on these sweet & chewy fruit chips brings back childhood memories of savoring Gram’s homemade dried apples! Isn’t it funny how certain tastes & smells can take you right back to a moment? I wasn’t expecting that when I decided to make these; I’m so thankful for all the sweet memories & reminders I’ll always have of Gramma.
Roasted Cinnamon & Honey Pear Chips @themerrythought
These pear chips are slow roasted in the oven and smell amazing while baking! So it’s like a double win for this recipe – your house will smell great and you have a delicious treat!  I did make some without the honey and those still tasted great, so if you skip that step, you’ll still have a yummy, healthy treat to enjoy! And I left the seeds, and stems, on some pears because I liked the “rustic” look, but those can obviously be removed before baking (or before eating). If you like chewier pear chips, bake for a little less, or if you like them a bit more crisp, bake for a little longer.
Roasted Cinnamon & Honey Pear Chips @themerrythought
Roasted Cinnamon & Honey Pear Chips

3-4 pears

Preheat oven to 225ºF. Line baking sheets with parchment paper. Slice pears with a mandolin (or use a sharp knife and cut very thin slices), removing seeds & stem (unless you like the rustic look!). Arrange pear slices on baking sheets, they can be touching, but not overlapping. Brush pear slices with honey and sprinkle with cinnamon. Bake for 45-60 minutes, checking on pear slices a couple times to make sure they aren’t overdone (they should be dark brown, but not burned). Flip slices and bake for about another 30 minutes. Let cool and store and in an airtight container.
Roasted Cinnamon & Honey Pear Chips @themerrythought
Roasted Cinnamon & Honey Pear Chips @themerrythought
Do you have any favorite nostalgic childhood treats? Or any delicious fall treats you look forward to every year?

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– Manda

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