Cider Tea

Cider Tea @themerrythoughtI spent the last few days soaking up some 80 degree days in Nashville, which was amazing, but back at home it seems like fall is here to stay. I’m always on the hunt for non-coffee hot drinks to warm me up during the long cold season in New York. This cider tea is absolutely perfect! You’re just replacing the water in your normal cup of tea with a warm, delicious cup of apple cider – and it is unbelievably good.
Cider Tea @themerrythoughtHeat up 1 cup of apple cider. Let tea bag steep as desired. Top it off with a bit of whipped cream and drink!

We tried it with Lipton Vanilla Caramel, Tazo Chai, and Stash Lemon Ginger. My favorite was the lemon ginger and Manda’s was the chai.
Cider Tea @themerrythoughtCider Tea @themerrythought Alright. I’m off to start my 12 hour drive back home!

xo. Caitlin

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