Bengal Spice Iced Chai Latte

I know, summer is just about done and I’m now sharing an iced drink recipe?! Well, even though fall is just a few weeks aways, we’re still sweating it out here. 90 degrees and a gazillion % humidity has me almost wishing for winter. Almost. (Seriously though, this humidity is killing me!). This drink is kind of perfect for early fall though. With days still warm enough to feel like summer, this iced spice chai brings a bit of fall flavor while still keeping you cool.Bengal Spice Iced Chai Latte @themerrythought Bengal Spice tea is Caitlin’s favorite tea. It’s very flavorful and has a sweeter flavor without having any kind of sweetener in it. My nightly tea is usually black chai tea, but ever since Caitlin introduced me to this, I like to have it on hand to vary my drink routine. I thought it would be perfect for an iced chai latte because it’s so flavorful and sweet, you could enjoy it without adding any sugar or honey; or if you do like your drinks a little sweeter, you don’t need to add that much sweetener. So it’s a low-sugar, caffeine-free drink to enjoy!Bengal Spice Iced Chai Latte @themerrythought Bengal Spice Iced Chai Latte @themerrythought
Bengal Spice Iced Chai Latte

A cool and creamy, caffeine-free drink!

  • 4 cups boiling water
  • 8 bengal spice tea bags
  • 3-4 cups milk (for stronger tea flavor use less milk, for a creamier drink use more)
  • 1 tablespoon (or to taste) of sweetener (honey, sugar, etc), *optional
  1. Pour boiling water over tea bags. Let steep for at least one hour or overnight for a stronger flavor. If adding sweetener, mix in and stir until dissolved while the tea is still hot. Remove tea bags and let tea cool to room temperature. Stir in milk and chill or serve immediately over ice.

Bengal Spice Iced Chai Latte @themerrythought


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