Blackberry Mojito Tea Lemonade

Starbucks Blackberry Mojito Tea Lemonade Recipe @themerrythoughtThis weekend I tried Starbucks’ Blackberry Mojito Tea Lemonade and I was a bit sad that there was sooo much ice in it because it ends up only lasting three long sips! I decided to stop at the store on the way home and pick up ingredients to make my own version! And it turned out amazingly… probably better than Starbucks (theirs, although very delicious, was a bit lacking in the mint and lemonade flavors).
Starbucks Blackberry Mojito Tea Lemonade Recipe @themerrythought Blackberry Mojito Tea Lemonade

10 large mint leaves
4 bags green tea
4 cups water
3/4 cup water
3/4 cup blackberries
2 limes
3 lemons
1/2 cup hot water
1/2 cup sugar
3 cups cold water

-Bring mint leaves and green tea bags to a boil in 4 cups of water and then turn off heat and let it steep for 10 minutes then strain and let cool.
-Add blackberries and 3/4 cup water to food processor and process until you have a thin juice. Strain out juice.
-Mix green tea mixture, blackberry mixture and the juice of two limes.
-Combine 1/2 cup hot water with the sugar and stir until dissolved. Add juice of 3 lemons. Add 3 cups of cold water.
-Add lemonade mixture to the blackberry tea mixture and then chill. Shake or stir with ice before serving.

Blackberry Mojito Tea adapted from Mama Natural.

Starbucks Blackberry Mojito Tea Lemonade Recipe @themerrythought Starbucks Blackberry Mojito Tea Lemonade Recipe @themerrythoughtxo. Caitlin

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