Challenge Check In – Week 3

This is it – less than a week left in the month, almost done with the January Challenge! Overall, I feel like I had a pretty good week again. I’m telling you, it’s been so motivating to know that I’m going to have to post these weekly check-ins!

So here’s how my week went:

Weight Loss: 1.6 pounds

Eating: I did okay this past week. I did have pizza 😁, but I feel like other than that, I ate all the “right” foods and stayed on course! Also, still staying strong with no-sugar January…but sooo ready to be done with that! Not that I plan on going crazy in February, but I’m dying for a cookie!

Active: I’ve been really good with getting in my exercise. Not always my typical 3 mile run, but I’ve been good about finding other things to do when it’s been too cold/snowy/windy to get out. And I did my first ever run around the block!! I live in the country – they’re big blocks; it was 4.7 miles! I did have a stomach bug over the weekend, so I had 2 days with no activity at all, but I think my “sick days” were more than justified!

So have you made it this far through January sticking with any new goals? I’m thinking I’ll do one last check in next Tuesday, just to recap the month (and so you can see if I made it through this final week!). I’m thinking I need to come up with a challenge for February since this has helped keep me so motivated and on track! 😉

Here’s to the last week!


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