Challenge Check In – Week 1

Popping in this morning with a quick Challenge Check-In! Last week, I shared some goals I had for this month and challenged myself to stick with it and be accountable by checking in on the blog weekly. So here I am! And boy does it work to motivate yourself by making it public what you’re doing! There were quite a few times throughout last week when I was like, ehh, maybe I should give up this whole eating better plan. And then thought, dang it, I shared it on the blog, I have to do it now! 😆

So here’s how my week went:

Weight Loss: 2 pounds 🙌

Eating: Overall, I’d say I did pretty good (I mean, I lost 2 pounds, so it’s a win!). I did have one night when I was just tired & grumpy and didn’t feel like cooking dinner, again. (I hate making dinner!) So we ended up at my mom’s house, and I may have had a small slice of pizza with my salad. 😳 I also did cheat on my no-sugar January plan. My mom had saved some chocolates for me that my uncle had made and I ate one. And a half.  (Let it be known it was an entire box of chocolates and I only ate that much!) But I’ve always told myself that if it’s a once a year kind of food, you should cut yourself some slack.  And these definitely fell into that category – these chocolates only appear at Christmas! So other than that, I stuck to my eating plan.  There may have been a lot of whining last week. 😉

Active: Good! I did manage to run 3 times, even though it was freezing and I’ve been sick. Ugh. I’m a little nervous how this week will go as it’s supposed to start snowing and be colder. (And I’ve still got my cold!) I don’t do well with work-out videos.  But I do seem to do pretty well with running up & down my stairs and doing laps around my living room & kitchen – haa!  So that might be happening a bit this week.

How are you doing on your goals? Still sticking with them? Here’s to another week of success, I hope!!


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