Challenge Check In – Week 2

Back again with another check in on my January challenge. Overall I feel like it was a good week. I do feel a little disappointed in my scale number, as I felt like I had a good week eating-wise and being active. I know they say don’t rely on the numbers a lot, but it’s always good motivation to see those numbers going down (a lot!)! I kind of wish I had done measurements too just to see any differences there, but oh well! Maybe it was just an off weigh-in day and I’ll have better success next week!

So here’s how my week went:

Weight Loss: 1.2 pounds (yup, I’m claiming every ounce!)

Eating: Feeling like I did good with eating. No sugar, eating the “right” foods, even when I didn’t feel like it!  One day I even had to watch Caitlin eat pizza logs – ughhh! Ha! 😉 And I bought the boys donuts one morning and stayed strong and didn’t get one! 💪 I do get tired of all the meal planning & prep for healthy eating. It’s hard to not be able to just order a pizza or something when I’m having a busy day and don’t feel like making dinner! I hate making dinner, and I feel like a lot of the easy dinner options (spaghetti, pancakes) are things I can’t eat, so this is a real struggle for me! Plus I just want all the carbs, all the time! 😜

Active: I had to be a little creative with my exercise as it’s been freezing & snowy here (the picture above was a snowy run I did with my boys at the track!). But I did some sort of exercise every single day, which is great for me! I managed to get in a couple runs, but not my usual 3 miles. I did try to make up for it with more walks and doing stairs and laps around my house! 😉

How’s your January going and sticking with any new goals?? Still staying strong? Hope it’s a great (easy!) week with good success!!


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