Activities to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Activities to Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions @themerrythoughtEarlier today I shared a DIY activity calendar to help you keep your New Year’s resolutions. We’ve come up with a list of activities that you could use or to help inspire new activities to add to your calendar.

We shared activities under a few categories that we think are important things to work on. Obviously, some activities would need to be done during certain seasons or on certain days of the week. And there will surely be days where you need to switch up activities because of your schedule but stick with it!

Focus on Family
-Cook a healthy dinner together.
-Have a dance contest.
-Go tech-free for an entire day.
-Go on a picnic.
-Go swimming.
-Go ice skating.
-Play mini golf.
-Make homemade pizza.
-Draw pictures and send them to grandparents.
-Make a “what’s going on with us” video to send to friends and family.
-Camp in the backyard.
-Fly a kite.
-Lay out under the stars.
-Plan a treasure hunt.
-Swap stories – come up with a topic and share stories related to it.
-Go on a date with your spouse.
-Create a weekly ritual. (Ours was Manner Night! Ha!)
-Take kids out on individual dates.
-Have the kids help with laundry.

Save Money
-Create a budget.
-Cook at home. (Come up with specific meals that you’re excited about.)
-Cancel your gym membership and try free workout videos online.
-Instead of going out, host a game night.
-Stop buying a coffee every day. (Make yourself one of these instead.)
-Pack your lunch. (For one week, one month, one day/week…)
-Commit to one year of handmade gifts. (But be ready for some Pinterest fails… it happens to all of us!)
-Host a potluck dinner.
-Start one of those weekly savings jars.

Eat Healthy
-Pack a lunch.
-Try a fresh juice recipe.
-Create a weekly meal plan.
-Don’t eat out for an entire month.
-Host a recipe swap. (Make healthy snacks/entrees with friends and have a sampling party and exchange recipe cards for whatever dish you brought.)
-Clear out your cupboards and start fresh. (Or wait until you’ve finished the 3 bags of York Peppermint Patties you got for Christmas…)

-Try out a yoga class. (You can usually find free or discounted classes if you’ve never signed up before.)
-Find a nearby park and hike the longest route.
-Try geocaching.
-Take a dance class.
-Skip meeting for coffee, suggest a walk instead.
-Climb a tree.
-Go running with a friend.
-Play volleyball.
-Go iceskating.
-Clean your house.
-Walk your dog.
-Use a standing desk.
-Shovel the driveway.

Support Local
-Try a new local restaurant.
-Go to the Farmer’s Market for your produce this week.
-Go to a local comedy show.
-Go to a local shop.
-Go to a local sporting event.
-Hit up a local food truck.
-Do your shopping at a small grocery store instead of a chain (If you’re near us… try Hart’s. Like right now.)
-Share about your favorite local business on social media… or blog about it 😉
-Get a membership for the zoo, or a museum.
-Go to a concert.
-Attend a craft fair.

Be Generous
-Volunteer at the food pantry.
-Give a generous tip.
-Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity.
-Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
-Donate to a non-profit organization.
-Send flowers to a friend.
-Leave a gift in a friends car/on their front steps/at their desk.
-Offer free babysitting to a friend.
-Bring someone a cup of coffee.
-Invite someone over for dinner.
-Send a friend a care package.

Get Closer to God
-Wake up for sunrise and spend an hour praying.
-Buy or make dinner and eat alone in candlelight and spend the time praying.
-Make a list of all the things you have to be thankful for today.
-Read your bible. (Decide on one topic or a few chapters/day)
-Start a prayer journal.
-Listen to only Christian music for one week.
-Spend one day alone with God away from home.
-Attend a Christian conference.
-Memorize scripture.
-Meet with a mentor.
-Go for a walk and sing aloud.
-Spend the time you would have spent watching tv today, reading your bible.
-Pray for a specific friend throughout the entire week.
-Carve out intentional time with friends.
-Spend time in nature.
-Volunteer at church. (Or anywhere.)

You can mix and match activities based on your personal resolutions…
If you’re trying to save money and spend more time with family, don’t buy a zoo membership – maybe try visit once on a discount day. Ya get it?

What are some activities that you’re doing or want to do that could help keep your New Year’s resolutions?

xo. Caitlin

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