DIY Wrapped Fiber Wall Art

Looking for a project that takes approximately two movies to make but requires barely any attention? Look no further! This DIY wrapped fiber art project is the perfect way to burn some of that anxious body energy while trying to relax with your favorite movie. Wait… is that just me? Sometimes I can’t quiet my mind enough to enjoy movies and having a little something to work on helps slow things down a bit. This is just a very repetitive motion but doesn’t take much thinking beyond that. Anywaysss – if these weren’t time consuming, I would make them allll the time! I really love how it turned out and the texture it adds to the wall.

white dresser in white room with cream lamp and ceramics on dresser, fiber art and frame on wall next to lamp


Follow the video below for step by step instructions!

fiber art laying next to frame and jar on whitw marbled backdrop
fiber art and frame on white wall above dresser with lamp and neutral ceramics
close up of neutral diy wrapped fiber art on wall
fiber art and frame on white wall next to lamp and neutral ceramics on top of white dresser

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