How to Stain Baskets

Today I’m sharing how to stain baskets! AND I’m starting another new series this week! What?! The second new series in one week?! Yes… I guess that’s what happens when your second job has been closed for over a month because of a fire – you have tons of extra time and brain space to be productive. Ha!

This series, like the Crafternoon series I shared last week, is to encourage you to do more crafting by sharing quick, simple DIY projects! On the first Friday of every month I’ll be sharing a 5 minute craft! (Gotta love some good alliteration, right?)

First up is this easy tutorial on staining baskets! I have been thrifted so many amazing baskets lately for hanging on the wall, putting plants in, organizing shelves… but occasionally I find a basket with just the right shape and texture but the wrong color. So I tried staining one that I found recently and loved how easy it was! And now I’m hoping some of you will do the same!

stained square basket next to couch leg

How to Stain Baskets:

What you need:

  • basket
  • wood stain
  • clean rag
  • gloves

And here’s a quick video for it! You can subscribe over on YouTube to make sure you don’t miss any of the new video series!

before and after of a stained square basket

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