Crafternoon: Valentine’s Day Cards

You guys! I am so. excited. about this new series I’m starting! I’ve talked about and thought about it for years… like back when “crafternoon” was a thing. 🤣 Surprisingly (or not) I put it off forever and then it was too late with the trend but now I don’t care – I’m doing it!

Here’s the thing… (prepare yourself for a bit of a rant) sooo many bloggers, instagrammers, and makers have been saying lately how they don’t want to make content just to create content. And I get it – sometimes on our end it feels weird to make five random crafts each week. That just isn’t going to be realistic for people that don’t do this as a job. BUT not every craft is going to appeal to every person and not every person will have the supplies for every craft they see. The hope is that one project along the way will inspire you to make something. Not everything. Just something.

I had a passionate phone call with Manda recently about how frustrated I was with all of this. And I get that you shouldn’t just be wasting resources to make things you don’t want or need. But I want to keep creating projects (even if they’re small projects that I might not personally need) because I want to show people that there are fun, approachable crafts out there. I want people to create because it’s important! It’s part of how we’re made! It’s relaxing, challenging, silly, stress relieving, fulfilling. And let me tell you – it’s a lot more productive and uplifting than scrolling on your phone for hours!


I started blogging for that very reason – I’ve always loved crafting and I want other people to love it too! From tiny crafts all the way up to big woodworking projects. I like them all. Am I good at it all? That’s a big NO but it’s good for my mind and body and spirit to create and I want that for all of you!

Over the past 7 (!) years of blogging I’ve heard probably a million people tell me that they just aren’t creative. AND I DON’T BELIEVE IT. If you’ve ever been one of the people that has said that to me in person, you’ve experienced the aggressive arm grab coupled with the screeching, “YES, YOU ARE!” afterwards. Sure, creativity is different for every person. But if you see an easy project on Pinterest and you spend the afternoon making your own version, whether it turns out exactly how you imagined or not – you made something. You spent time creating rather than comparing, napping, stressing, binge-watching… And I honestly believe your mind is better for it!

Okay. Phew. That’s a lot of words to say… I’m starting a crafternoon series! So, every month on the 1st, I’ll be sharing a new project! They’re going to be simple crafts that are easy to make in a group setting – because my extrovert self loves nothing more than a good excuse to spend time with people and I think that having other people to start a monthly crafternoon with would help us all spend a little more time creating! So we’re starting off with a superrrr easy idea – Valentine’s Day cards.

girl writing a valentine

What you need:

  • blank cards
  • pink & red markers and colored pencils
  • washi tape
  • scissors
  • stamps & ink
  • stickers
  • valentine’s day paper & crafting supplies
  • red & pink snacks
  • bubbly pink drink
  • a few friends
table with wine glasses and valentines day card supplies

white balloon garland with greenery and Kraft paper hearts
overhead shot of coffee table with people making valentines day cards
close up shot of hand writing a valentine
girls around coffee table cheersing glasses

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