How to Make 3D Paper Stars

Sharing how to make these 3D paper stars. I’ve made a few different kinds of paper stars in the past, from lunch bags, parchment paper and cardboard. And it looks like there’s no signs of me stopping with the star crafts!

These are so easy to make. Similar in easiness to the lunch bag paper stars, and similar in look to the 3D cardboard stars. I was hoping to be able to use one of these as our tree topper this year, and it turned out perfectly for that. You can use them for decor, as a tree topper and even as ornaments. They’re a great Christmas craft to do with kids!

For this project, you’ll need paper, you can use any kind. Thicker paper, like cardstock, works the best as far looks and sturdiness. I also used wrapping paper. Which looks like great with the patterns, however the paper was thinner and made the stars look a little floppier. You’ll also need a paper cutter or scissors and hot glue. (I did use a glue stick on one, and it worked fine, but hot glue was just a little faster and seems to hold better). 

Supplies for 3D Paper Stars:

Watch the video to see how to make these stars:

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