DIY Wishbone Necklace

DIY Wishbone Necklace @themerrythought
(Sorry it’s been a little quieter around here lately. Things have been pretty busy with our real life jobs and obligations, so we feel like we’re just getting by right now. Seriously, it’s pretty much hour by hour for me right now. I’m so looking forward to mid June, when things should slow down a little bit. We so appreciate you all clicking over everyday and showing support even when we’re not cranking out the posts.  You can always follow along on Instagram & Facebook if you’re looking for a little more merrythought in your day…)
DIY Wishbone Necklace @themerrythought
Here’s a little bit of blog trivia for you – did you know that merrythought is an old word for wishbone? So our blog could be called The Wishbone instead of The Merrythought. Caitlin stumbled upon the word merrythought and threw it out there during our long weeks of agonizing over what to call the blog…oy, that was such a process!  Once we heard merrythought though, we all agreed to it pretty quickly. We thought the name merrythought by itself might be a bit confusing when you’re talking to someone about the blog and they don’t see it written out…most people interpret it as “mary thought” and think one of us is named Mary and these are our thoughts on life. Or sometimes people think we fill our blog with merry thoughts…
So we added the before merrythought in hopes of making it a little less confusing…and that’s how The Merrythought came to be!
DIY Wishbone Necklace @themerrythought
Because of the special meaning behind our blog name, we’re all a little drawn to wishbones.  Last year for my birthday, Caitlin got me the sweetest vintage wishbone earrings.  I love them and am thankful she can’t wear earrings or she probably would have kept them for herself – haa!
Oddly, I had started a little collection of wishbones from rotisserie chickens (I know, that seems a little gross. Writing it out just made it seem a lot more gross and weird.), not sure what I would do with them, but thinking they might be useful for something, some day.  That day is here! Well, it was actually May 11th – Marla’s birthday!  She wanted a wishbone necklace for her birthday so I decided to try making one using one of the wishbones from my collection.  If you don’t mind having an actual piece of bone for jewelry (which we obviously don’t  –  check out this necklace), it’s a really easy and quick necklace to throw together. (Just don’t tell Marla that – let her think I slaved away over her birthday present). And, you can get a good meal & a piece of jewelry in one!  Eww, okay…that’s pushing it.  But seriously, make these tacos using a rotisserie chicken, save the wishbone, and make this necklace.
DIY Wishbone Necklace @themerrythought
What you need:

How to do it:
Spray paint your wishbone following the directions on the can. Once dry, apply a clear coat over your paint to seal it. Using the drill bit, make a small hole near the top of the wishbone. Attach the jump ring to the wishbone.  Slide the leather lace through another jump ring.  Attach wishbone to that jump ring – this will keep the wishbone laying flat. Tie off the leather with a simple knot.
DIY Wishbone Necklace @themerrythought
What do you think – would you wear bone jewelry?  Or does it gross you out?

xo. Manda

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