DIY Tomato Cage Plant Stand

I had been searching for some large lamp shades at thrift stores recently to make more of the wire plant stands I shared a couple years ago but for some larger plants that I have. After a few months of no luck, I picked up some tomato cages from Home Depot and cut them down to create this large version of my old plant stands – that I still use and love by the way! I’m on a mission to fill up the new living room with as many plants as possible so these plant stands have helped to add some variety in the height of the plants. Yeah, I think about things like that… ha! But even if you weren’t looking to add some height to your plants, these are cute enough that there should be a few in everyone’s home!What you need:
-Tomato Cages
Angle Grinder or Hacksaw
-Spray Paint

How to make it:
-Check which ring of the cage your planter will best fit in.
-Use an angle grinder to cut down the tomato cage to the desired height. A hacksaw would work fine too, it will just take a little longer. (*Use gloves and safety glasses if you’re using the angle grinder.)
-Paint desired color.
-Let dry.
Sources: Black Wicker Chair. Circle Shelf. Marble Side Table – Similar 1, 2, 3. Rope Hammock Chair. Faux Sheepskin Rug.

xo Caitlin

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