DIY Shamrock Drink Stirrer

DIY Shamrock Drink Stirrer @themerrythought If you’re planning on hosting any St. Patrick’s Day gatherings this weekend, here’s a perfect, simple DIY to share with any non-beer drinking guests!
DIY Shamrock Drink Stirrer @themerrythought Roll out some air dry clay and use a small shamrock cookie cutter to cut out the shape. Stick a small skewer in the bottom of the clay and leave it to dry according to directions. Once the clay is dry, use a paint brush to brush glue along the sides of the shamrock. Dip in gold glitter. Let it dry. You can apply another layer of glue over the glitter to prevent it from falling off into drinks.
DIY Shamrock Drink Stirrer @themerrythought DIY Shamrock Drink Stirrer @themerrythought If drink stirrers aren’t your style, here are a few other St. Patrick’s Day projects to try out:
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And don’t forget to make yourself a Shamrock Shake!

xo. Caitlin

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