7 Things To Do With Your Kids For St. Patrick’s Day

We love to celebrate in our house – and with Irish roots, March 17th is always a day of fun here! Here’s a list of fun things you can do with your kids this St. Patrick’s Day:

lucky cereal + green milk
Serve them a breakfast fit for a leprechaun – Lucky Charms cereal with green milk! We like to tell our boys that the leprechauns came in the night and turned our milk green.

treat filled shoes
Leprechauns are known for being mischievous shoemakers. Fill a pair of your kiddo’s shoes with green treats and tell them that the leprechauns left them a treat!

green footprints
Leave a trail of tiny green footprints…they can lead to a treat the leprechauns left or make a mess somewhere that the leprechauns ran away from. (We used washable green paint on our floor and it wiped off easily)

drink green pop
Let your kids sip a green drink for a special treat. (My boys are drinking Jones Green Apple Soda)

golden coin hunt
Hide chocolate gold coins around the house and send your kids on a treasure hunt to find them all.

Make potato stamps and have the kids make St. Patrick’s Day paintings.

green bubble bath
Make bath time extra special, have a green bubble bath! (We used blue & yellow bath paint to make our bath water green)

What things do you do with your kids on St. Patrick’s Day?
Hope you have a wee bit o’ fun with your kiddos this St. Patrick’s Day!  Manda

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