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DIY Perfume @themerrythoughtWe were so excited to try to make our own perfumes last month and have been so patient waiting for them to be ready to use. We finally bottled them up and are a bit obsessed. I had been wanting to get a simple, woodsy scent for a while and these turned out perfectly! This is a great project to get a group of friends together and each of you can make your own batch of perfume!DIY Perfume @themerrythoughtWhat you need:
-1/2 cup vodka (high-proof… try Everclear if you can find it)
-10-12 drop top essential oil
-6-8 drop middle essential oil
-3-5 drop base essential oil
-pint size mason jar
amber roll-on perfume bottles

How to make it:
Mix the oils and vodka in a mason jar. (If you’re making more than one scent, you may want to label the jars.) Store them in a dry, dark space for 4-6 weeks. Use dropper to transfer to an amber colored perfume bottle. Shake before use.
**It is important to always store mixture in dark glass or in an area where no light can reach it.
DIY Perfume @themerrythoughtHere are a few of our favorite scents:

12 drops grapefruit
8 drops juniper
5 drops oakmoss

4 drops eucalyptus
8 drops grapefruit
6 drops juniper
4 drops oakmoss
2 drops cedar

12 drops eucalyptus
6 drops rosemary
5 drops cedarwood

You can also check out this site to help figure out top/middle/base fragrances. If you’re curious about the essentials oils we use, you can learn more here.
DIY Perfume @themerrythoughtxo. Caitlin

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