How to Make DIY Paper Gift Bows

You can make your own paper gift bows with just a couple supplies, paper and tape! Keep on reading to see how easy these are to make!

I can’t believe that Christmas will be here in a week! I’m so looking forward to it and at the same time do not feel ready at all. I’ve still got a little bit of shopping left to do. Mostly stocking stuffers, feeling stuck on those this year), lots of cleaning (I’m hosting this year – yikes!) and baking to do. And of course, wrapping.

I always have good intentions of getting my gifts bought early and all the wrapping done ahead, but come Christmas Eve, I’m always sitting on my bedroom floor, in a wrapping frenzy!

For wrapping, I like to use a mix of papers, usually kraft paper and some cute Christmas-print wrapping paper. This year, I decided to go a little monochromatic with the kraft paper and use black, white and brown. To keep the monochromatic look, I made my own paper gift bows to match the paper.

I’d never made my own gift bows, and it was pretty easy to do. I kept it as simple as possible by just using paper & tape. And of course, you can use any paper you’d like if the monochromatic look isn’t your thing. This is one of those projects that’s a little easier to explain via video, rather than written out – so we have both below. Happy wrapping!

Monochrome Gift Wrapping + DIY Paper Gift Bows @themerrythoughtDIY Paper Gift Bows @themerrythoughtMonochrome Gift Wrapping + DIY Paper Gift Bows @themerrythought

Materials for DIY Paper Bows:

  • paper
  • paper cutter
  • tape

Watch the video or see the steps below:


  • Cut paper into four 1”x6” strips, four 1”x5” strips and one 1”x4” strip.
  • Fold the strip to form a loop and tape the back to hold together.
  • Repeat with all but the smallest strip. Take two of the folded 1”x4” strips and tape them together.
  • Repeat with the other two small strips.
  • Set one of the taped together loops inside the other, taping together.
  • Add the larger folded loops to the back of the sets of small loops, taping each one.
  • Fold the last remaining strip into a small circle and tape into the center.
DIY Paper Gift Bows @themerrythought
Monochrome Gift Wrapping + DIY Paper Gift Bows @themerrythought
DIY Paper Gift Bows @themerrythought

And if you’re looking for gift tags for your freshly wrapped gifts, we’ve got a couple printable ones you can use: Hand Illustrated Christmas Gift Tags | Printable Holiday Stickers. And for some fun tags that can also double as a guessing game, check out these tags Caitlin shared last week: DIY Quote Gift Tags.


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