Printable Gift Tags

We love wrapping gifts almost as much as we love giving them! It’s fun and relaxing to take the time to be creative and make the packages as lovely as the gifts themselves! And gift wrapping is happening in full force around here this week. For those of you that are in the midst of the wrapping flurry as well, we’ve got the most beautiful tags for your gifts this Christmas! We were introduced to Jenni Haikonen’s artwork a couple years ago, and love her gorgeous illustrations. She hand illustrates everything from prints, to cards, to stationary as well as custom invitations & designs. We’re pretty smitten with her Constellation Prints and all her Botanical art!
Jenni hand illustrated these lovely Christmas tags and is sharing them with our readers for free! Just download the file here, then print, cut and attach to your gifts! We’re so thankful for Jenni’s generosity in sharing these beautiful tags with all of us – you can find Jenni’s shop here and see more of her artwork on Instagram (@jennihaikonen) as well.Printable Christmas Gift Tags @jennihaikonen for @themerrythoughtPrintable Christmas Gift Tags @jennihaikonen for @themerrythoughtPrintable Christmas Gift Tags @jennihaikonen for @themerrythoughtPrintable Christmas Gift Tags @jennihaikonen for @themerrythoughtPrintable Christmas Gift Tags @jennihaikonen for @themerrythoughtPrintable Christmas Gift Tags @jennihaikonen for @themerrythoughtWe’ll be taking some time off from the blog for the next week or so to celebrate with our families and rest and recharge a bit! We wish you all a very merry Christmas! We’ll still be posting & checking in on Instagram (@themerrythought), so be sure to follow along there! xoxo

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